Carter Design

Carter Design is the interior design firm of Cy and Genevieve Carter based in  both New York and  Los Angeles.


Carter Design provides a spectrum of interior design services tailored to meet the specific needs of each project.



About Cy and Genevieve

Cy and Genevieve have been working both independently and together on interior design projects for the past decade. They have navigated residential and commercial projects in the greater  Los Angeles area, New York, and Cambridge Massachusetts.  They had the fortune of working with the talented team at Commune Design  from 2004 - 2012.  In 2011 they started their own firm, Carter Design.  Genevieve's past work can be seen at    :



Genevieve + Cy

Genevieve enjoys making visual decisions on any scale and has been enjoying herself at a dizzying pace in Los Angeles since 2000. While she focuses on interiors, this aesthetic versatility has flung her into the worlds of advertising and branding, out into the far, neon reaches of Las Vegas and back home to her stately New York roots. Her work takes many shapes and represents multiple contexts: everything from the William Morris Agency’s corporate stationery to large-scale retail spaces for Undefeated and Kiki de Montparnasse to wallpaper reproductions inspired by the “Peacock Room” inside her family’s historic house on Long Island. A sixth-generation East Coast artist, Genevieve bucked tradition by setting her sights on the uncharted wilds of the West. But not before detouring for school down South, where she picked up both a degree in Studio Art and Cy.

Cy is a film and theater actor with over a dozen years of professional design experience. Equally at home on a film set as on-site at a sprawling remodel for the same high-profile cast of characters, the span of Cy’s projects underscores the strength of his creative range. He got his first break in interior design while working at Los Angeles antique stores in between early acting gigs. This penchant for well-constructed objects can be traced to Texas cattleman roots and a childhood spent refinishing furniture with his grandmother on the family ranch. Luckily, his passion for performing steered him toward a B.A. in Theatre, college in Memphis and Genevieve.

Together, they have covered a lot of ground and managed a surprisingly diverse list of commercial and residential clients. 

 “Our varied backgrounds cultivated the same appreciation for quality materials and design integrity.”

They enjoy bringing a sense of playful curiosity to projects, working with sound, sustainable materials and incorporating the talents of local artisans. The Carters live on Long Island and work between Long Island and their Los Angeles design studios.